About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help travelers feel the world in an easier and simpler yet convenient manner by leveraging on sharing economy. Beside short-term rentals, we also provide value-added services to enhance the travel experiences of guests such as airport pick-ups, tour guiding and even partnership with local merchants to provide travelers with a variety of food and entertainment choice.

Our Solution

Being a one-stop solution provider for property investors, our expertise includes interior design, liaison with individual property owners, property caretaking and short-term rentals.

Timeline of Victoria Home


The birth of Victoria Home started by our Co-Founders YC, Victoria, Cheahao and Lyvian and few months after its creation, Fergus and Patrick joined onboard as part of the shareholders totalling up to 6 shareholders. During the early years of the company, the whole unit was only managed individually by Madam Chow, our Guest Relations Ambassador which all began on 5 units located at Damansara called Victoria Home MSQ & Neo Damansara.


The company's initial logo was based on the company's name itself, Victoria Home, that was printed on a dark blue background and embossed in gold for the logo. As the company found potential market demands in the city of Kuala Lumpur, the focused shifted out of Damansara and onto Kuala Lumpur instead. The first 2 property units located at Platinum Suites and Vortex KLCC, which the former boasted its infinity pool and short travel distance to Kuala Lumpur's iconic Twin Tower. During this period, the company developed its company's infrastructure creating its own maintenance team and an operation team that offers transport service and acts as the Guest Relations Ambassador.


Entering the third year of it's creation the shareholders poured their attention towards the company more and even hired people with the plans of achieving a larger scale goal. As to cater the staff, the first working space was located at one of the units room and to show its growth towards a bigger market goal the company rebranded by changing the logo, using the initials of Victoria Home and assigning displaying its signature colour, consisting of sky Blue and White. As to keep-up with its growth, Victoria Home created its very first own Host Programme partnering up with Stefan & Wayne which was the representative for M City. Victoria Home also relocated its office to a proper building to cater its growing staff totalling up to 20 working members as of November. With the travellers satisfaction as a driving force of the company, Victoria Home tries to create a travel ecosystem that could cover the necessities of travelling including work, entertainment and transportation.


For future roadmaps, Victoria Home plans on creating, host programmes, regional operation center and a solutions plan for investors.